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Downhill in Monte San Primo

Downhill a Monte San Primo

At Bellagio, the Monte San Primo, a news for all sports fans, the downihill. A new discipline that allows you to enjoy the mountains and down the slopes in summer. A sport for young people, adrenaline, modern and full of emotions are always different.

It 'was recently equipped a lift designed specifically for mountain biking, and a path that has different levels of difficulty, from the simplest to the end for those who want to experience the thrill of a fast descent.

As you will see in the gallery there are passages on artificial bridges, parabolic curves and of course the natural obstacles that are the most beautiful to be addressed.

The Association of Monte San Primo will care for your safety and will give you the right information on how to tackle the fun trails that best suit your features.

For more info and contacts, visit their Facebook page or contact them at number 031 964734


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