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Paul Young, a friend of Bellagio

Paul Young

In our book of famous people connected to Bellagio, today we propose to you an exclusive interview with a man who has infamous musical traces in the 80s: Paul Young.
My intention was to do a proper interview, with a lineup of already prepared questions, but when I tried to open the question on Paul's memories of Bellagio, a beautiful stream of words just flowed from the mouth of Paul Young.

"My first time in Bellagio was back in 1986, and you can imagine at that time as I was really consumers by my career. My successful hits were being played around the world and I was looking for a 'haven to regenerate, to disconnect from the world, and to find the concentration with my musicians to create a new successful album.

The common reaction of everyone was one of the wonder and peace. A place so beautiful that it could do nothing other than bring out the best of all of us, both as people and as musicians. It 'was a great feeling from an artistic standpoint, but also from a human one. Those places are so beautiful (we recorded in Carimate) and they gave us the opportunity to reflect on what way we were going musically.

From there I went back there every year, and 30 years later, a friend's phrase struck me.
When he found out I was leaving for a holiday in Bellagio he exclaimed: "That place is beautiful, maybe that's where God rested on the seventh day."
In just a few words she managed to capture the essence of Bellagio. A place of peace that stimulates the senses.

Certainly over the years the way of living in Bellagio has changed a lot. My first experience was as a musician, then now I'm a father and husband.
My family and I go back often, guests of our dear friend, the owner of a hotel, and it is a unique opportunity to give a bit of freedom to our children.
Being so small and quiet place it is nice to let our children roam the streets and feel safe at the same time. I never did and never will do this anywhere else in the world, because I feel really safe, secure and a little pampered here. Being an artist is sometimes convenient. (Laughter.)

In the summer period i really live on the lake.  I am fond of windsurfing and do not know a better spot to practice. The mountain setting is very evocative and the calm waters allow you to practice this sport at all levels.

I hope to pass on this passion to my children and my children's children. Bellagio is a place of peace and in this period of history is an icon that should be preserved with care and love."

Thank You, Mr. Young

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