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Tiziano Crudeli speaks of Bellagio

Tiziano Crudeli

To add to the list of characters who frequent Bellagio, after Franco Casalini, we present the views of the most famous football commentator from Milan: Tiziano Crudeli.
First, for those who are not familiar with him we would like to introduce him by saying that he is a professional of sport, a journalist who knows football inside out and  this is for some a defect and for others an advantage,  and his passion for the Rossoneri shirt.
Guest on the most popular television sporting programs, he has has seen to be moved at times especially before the images of a last-second goal scored or as the cup is  raised by the Rossoneri captain.

Today, however, we would like talk to you about Tiziano Crudeli, unexpectedly romantic and thoughtful who speaks of his Bellagio:
"It 'is my refuge, my little paradise on earth, an enchanting place where every time I come I discover new details that always make me relive the excitement as if it were the first time."

"I can only go in the summer in August, but Bellagio is, and remains, a frequent and indispensable date in which to relax and stave off the hectic pace of the city, enjoying the simple pleasures of a walk or simply to chat with my friends of the place.
I love nature in all its manifestations, but the incredible spectacle of the lake is a unique environment for me where I rediscover the "pleasure of existence."

"Anyone who knows me knows my passion for the job, but in Bellagio, where nature is the ruler, then everything else fades away and i am alone with my thoughts. So it restores energy and helps me to recharge for a new season ahead."

I love this place and the peace of mind that it transmits. Here I feel isolated and protected.

"Bellagio over the years has given me so many emotions and even now, as I write, I can hear the silence that i can already  savor for my next holiday."

So we close our this happy interview happen which we discovered another passion of Tiziano Crudeli, our beloved Bellagio.

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