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Franco Casalini: Love for Bellagio

franco casalini

My love for Bellagio was born the morning of New Year's Eve a few years ago (even more than a few, alas).
I had attended the previous evening, a party at a friend's house, living in a house of Aureggio: blessed for this.

After the usual, inimitable, breakfast on the lake (but why are croissants only this good in Bellagio?), I set out for a walk that was to be one of many. . All of a sudden, I turn towards the lake, and then I realize I see something that I will keep forever: a light, an atmosphere, a magical landscape that i have not found anywhere else.

Franco Casalini, speaks to us about Bellagio and he is  a prominent figure of the Italian basketball  and legendary coach of  Olimpia Milano, and now TV commentator for Sky Sports

"I had to completely take action to find a home. As is often the case, i was given a helping hand. Yes, because at the time I was coaching at Olimpia Milano for basketball and from although from Milan Marco Lamperti, was an honorary citizen of  Bellagio. As luck would have it that same Spring he changed the house, thus freeing his place in  Visgnola. He would have changed at least another two, over the years, from Visgnola to Pescallo,  finally to Suira. After that winter, I tasted the colors and flavors of all the other seasons, finding in each of these different sensations, all attractive and magical. From that morning I'd be more detached.

All locations of the lake are magnificent. All, however, have a "before" and "after", along the way. Bellagio does not. "After" there is nothing. Bellagio is the culmination ".

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