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This section is dedicated to the various route and guides that will allow you to discover the authentic arts culture and nature that Bellagio and its surrounding areas has to offer.

Mountain Bike Route "A"

Partenza e arrivo S. GiovanniFor mountain bikers, Bellagio offers a challenging route, about 20 km, with an average slope of 21% points and a vertical drop of about 787 mt. The places you will go through are: S. Giovanni, Perlo, Brogno, Rovenza. Cernobbio. Prada, Pra Filippo, Cascina Giacinta, Regina Pacis, Cascina Gallasco, Brogno, Neer. S. Giovanni.


Bellagio view from you: Marco and his Bellagio for young

bellagio per i giovani: lido beach clubMarco 17 anni studente

My parents after an intense period of work stress load, decide to dedicate a weekendof total relaxation ... a preferred Bellagio.
I do not know the place and trying to avoid two days of absolute boredom beside "my parents", I ask permission to take with us my teammate Giulio.


Itinerary: Trekking mountain path 2

sentiero escursionistico

Visgnola -Belvedere Makallè - Chevrio - Regina Pacis - Cascina Giacinta - Pietra Lentina - Parco monte S. Primo – Alpe Spezzola. Elevation gain: 1040 m - Total time: 4h 45 min - Difficulty: E = easy hike.

Leave your car in the church square in Visgnola, 2 kilometres from the village of Bellagio (you can also reach by Visgnola by bus, on the route to Lecco). Leave the square heading west and return along the provincial road (via Valsassina) towards Ghisallo –Erba. After 80 m, take the steps on your left (trail sign 2).


Bellagio view from you: Laura and passion for gardening

I COMIGNOLI DI VILLA MELZILaura 34 years advertiser

I just finished reading my latest book "From diamonds nothing is born" by Serena Dandini, an intense book that tells stories of life and gardens. I never particularly loved the gardening, but those pages I had put a great desire to be in a park to discover the vibrant life.


Itinerary: Trekking Mountain Path 1

sentiero 01

Guggiate - Brogno - Rovenza - Parco S. Primo - Bocchetta Terrabiotta
Elevation gain: 1155 m - Total time: 4h 00 min - Difficulty: E = easy hike.
Follow the provincial lakeside road for Como from the village of Bellagio for one and a half kilometres (you can also take the bus) until you come to the hamlet of Guggiate where Route 1 begins.


Bellagio view from you: a weekend as told by Marta e Giovanni

il week end a bellagio di giovanni e marta

Giovanni e Marta are a brilliant pair from Milan, him doctor 43 years, her 38 architect.

We arrived from Milan in the late afternoon, as dusk was a beautiful day in earlyMarch, the reddish sky presaged two wonderful days with Marta.


Lake Como as in a movie

Rocco e i suoi fratelliRevisit the scenes of films in the magnificent natural set of Bellagio.