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Lake Como as in a movie

Rocco e i suoi fratelli

Revisit the scenes of films in the magnificent natural set of Bellagio.

Always on Lake Como, with its magical charm, was the inspiration for poets, writers, and in recent history for the most famous directors.

In particular, Bellagio is the ideal location for some scenes of memorable films, in which the work of actorsand directors has been almost superseded by the natural beauty of the place.

How Not to mention, for example "Rocco e i suoi fratelli", a masterpiece of master Luchino Visconti, or more recently the blockbuster movie "Casino Royale".
Even a scene of a cult film like Star Wars has had starring Bellagio; you have in mind the kissing scenebetween Senator Padmé Amicala and Anakin Skywalker? Even the director George Lucas could not resist the beauty of the Pearl of the Lake.
The magnificent villas with stunning views are perfect for love scenes, a chase at full speed in the calmwaters of the lake is ideal for handling a film, and a stroll through the streets of the village, thinking of how to reconstruct a scene dramatic, they are timeless classics, all contribute to enrich a film which, when you find yourself strolling through Bellagio, you too will feel the protagonists.

The whole area of Lake Como has an enviable charm and not reproducible in Hollywood and the miraculouslegend, but not really that legend seems to be that the actors themselves pushed to choose those locations,knowing that between takes, and the 'another, they had the opportunity to visit these beautiful countries and perhaps, as did George Clooney, make it their permanent residence.
Might be a coincidence that the movie Ocean's Twelve, with an incredible cast of actors, led by Italy's close friend George, chose the shores of the lake?

We think not, and indeed we know that soon hear more screaming in the streets: MotorAction CIAK!

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