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Bellagio, flowers and scents

Bellagio fiori e profumi

Walking around the greenhouses to rediscover the magic of spring. A trip to Bellagio can therefore also be the occasion for a visit to the greenhouses of the most famous nursery or enjoying the scent and color of the gardens along the lake that will inebriate the senses.

The great tradition of floriculture in Bellagio is at he starting grid. After a harsh winter that brought cold and snow, now we are preparing for the arrival of spring and all activities related to horticulture.

Business operators, from gardeners to nursery owners, can not wait to start working on their beloved gardens and greenhouses that are home to a variety of flowers that will leave you speechless.

No one can remain indifferent to this splendor, and they are for you, for your beloved, or to decorate the balcony of the house, the flower Bellagio will leave you something special, a small testimony of the lake always close to you.

In future articles, within the section floraculture we will reveal the names and addresses of the most famous flower designers and gardeners.

Are you ready to awaken the senses from winter hibernation in Bellagio?


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