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Make shopping with history

antico borgo bellagio

Tired of shopping streets, shopping standardized and mass? Bellagio offers a shopping experience that combines different from the usual news, research and taste "vintage". The route that we propose is perfect ifyou are looking for items made ​​in Italy and manufacture high quality products at zero distance.

One of the most fascinating aspects of Bellagio is that the past is revealed not only in works of art, architecture, but small fragments of history are hidden behind each window of the center, the shops carried out by the passion of craftsmen who keep alive the ancient traditions.

You can enjoy your shopping on the streets of the village or in the arcades of the lake between windows andelegant antique craft shops.

For lovers of craft shops are a must for woodturners and carvers of wood, like the Mr. Tacchi or the result ofobjects made ​​of glass blowing in Bellagio is a reality known to be exported overseas as the famouscreations.

Among other things you can purchase and enjoy a tea at the historic Bar Rossi, which has existed since thebeginning of '900and that comes as a tea roomfollowing in the footsteps of the most famous English tea rooms.

You can continue your visit to the arcades along the lake admiring the jewelry optical Vergottini, a businessfounded in the early '900, which still retains many pieces of furniture and objects of historical tradition as the"spadine" the brooches decorated the headdresses of the women's 600 that you have seen worn by Lucy of "The Betrothed".

Shopping in Bellagio also means rediscovering the genuine food, honey, dairy products, delicious cheesesand much more.

This nice ride will captivate the entire family, before you finish the day with a tasty dinner in downtown restaurants or villages, full of typical authentic!


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