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Route 16

Sentiero 27

Vassena - Civenna - PianoRancio - Alpe Spessola Vassena is a hamlet in the municipality of Oliveto Lario, which you can reach by bus on the Lecco-Bellagio route or by boat from Bellagio to Lecco.

From the church square walk along the little harbour and take Via Macchiavelli, cross the provincial road, take via Carcano opposite and then go right.
Continue to keep left as the uphill begins (follow the arrows for “Civenna” and not “Civenna 2”).

After the end of the asphalt and a short stretch in cement, the road continues as a mule track.
You can see from how it is made that is was once an important road.
Cross a wooded area to reach a carriageable road in the Palembri area of Civenna.

Bear right into via San Vincenzo and then keep left in via Grèe.
Once you reach the village, cross the Bellagio - Magreglio (Ghisallo) provincial road, take via Frassi and go uphill on via Formicosa. When you reach the wash house turn left into via Dante Alighieri.
Once you leave the hamlet and reach the aqueduct, keep right and continue uphill to the Giacinta farmstead.
Continue to the right on the flat and turn left at the first trail leading uphill.

When you reach the Piano Rancio plain, take the level road to the left of the Stella Alpina restaurant and continue to the end until you reach the short trail uphill to the Anna Maria Refuge.
Keep left before the refuge and go into a meadow, following a fence.
Turn left on the flat into the wood until you come to an old ski lift, ascend, enter the woods, pass the little valley and continue ascending the right hand side of the small stream.
The trail continues with a semi-steep uphill into the wood until it emerges in the meadows on the south-east side of Mount Ponciv.

Here it meets Route 2 from S. Primo on the right.
Continue on the right until you come to the unpaved road that goes from Colma di Sormano to the peak of Monte S. Primo; you are now on the ridge of the Lariano Brunate-Bellagio Triangle (Route 1).
At the intersection, you can now decide whether to turn left to descend to Alpe Spezzola and then reach the Colma di Sormano, or turn right uphill to reach the Bocchetta di Terrabiotta, from which you can access the peak of Monte S. Primo (route 39) or to descend to the Monte San Primo Park.

Elevation gain: 1150 m
Total time: 3h 40 min
Difficoltà: E = medium difficulty hike

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