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Route 27

Sentiero 27

Excursion: Bellagio /Visgnola- Civenna-Magreglio/Ghisallo-Conca di Crezzo-Valbrona/Visino. Leave your car in the church square in Visgnola, 2 kilometres from the village of Bellagio. (You can also reach Visgnola by bus, on the route to Lecco). Leave the square heading west and return along the provincial road (via Valsassina) towards Ghisallo –Erba.

After 80 m, take the steps on your left (trail signs 2 and 27).
The route leads steeply uphill through a meadow and wood.

When you come out of the wood and reach the Cascina Elisa, pay attention to the trail, which deviates on the flat, towards the left.
Continue carefully along the exposed part on the flat. After a short descent and another ascent, the trail brings you to the lower pastures of Chevrio.

Continue on the flat into the woods, around little valleys, until you come to the village of Limontasca. Follow the unpaved road back towards the north/west and on your left is the trail towards “Civenna 2.
Go around the lower part of the hamlet to the old Gorla farmstead where you can continue on lower ground on the right.

When you reach the mule track that leads to the lower part of the village of Civenna, turn left to follow the panoramic road, via Foschi, and at the little chapels of Greé, descend 50 m to then turn and go uphill to the right. (you will cross Route 16 from Vassena).
When you come to the village, after having crossed the Bellagio - Magreglio (Ghisallo) road the path ends on the provincial road at Hotel Mirabeau, turn right and go uphill; after approx 200 metres you will come to Magreglio and the famous little church of Madonna del Ghisallo, dedicated to cyclists.
Turn right opposite the church, pass a bar / restaurant and follow the asphalt road along garden fences.

Continue on the flat through meadows and woods, first on an unpaved road, then on a flat path (If you keep right you descend along the asphalt road that rises to the Conca di Crezzo from Barni), if you keep left you follow a panoramic path that goes round Mount Castel de Leves.
When you descend towards the south you pass the site of the ATR42 plane crash and reach the Crezzo valley, with its old centre and houses (from the car park of the Madonnina restaurant there is an interesting deviation for the Castanun de Buncava, a monumental chestnut tree over 32 metres high and 250 years old).
From here you can continue towards Visino in Valbrona by taking the mule path to the left before the little spring.

The trail rises slightly and, keeping right, continues along the crest of Mount Megna to then descend to Visino. (This town is accessible by buses to Asso - Ferrovie Nord or Bellagio)

Elevation gain = 864 m.
Elevation loss = - 667 m.
Total time = 6h 40'
E = easy hike with some exposed stretches
EE = the trail may be slippery, use suitable footwear

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