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Bellagio according to Amy e Chelsea. Part no.4

Bellagio secondo Amy e Chelsea

Amy Waldron and Chelsea Campbell students Niagara University NY, USA
Part no.4 Chelsea Campbell: Jungle Rider Park and cliff jumping!

Since my first post I had the opportunity to go to Jungle Rider Park with 2 friends of mine!

It was spur of the moment, but after a short car ride up into the mountain we went zip-lining through the trees!! 

Eeek! I've never had more fun!

We went on the second hardest course and while I was JUST barely tall enough to reach, and struggled at first, it was an experience I never would have gotten or thought about actually doing! 

I won't lie, I did have to be pushed at first, but once we started I was sad after the hour and a half that we were done! 

To add to all of the adventure, just today the my friend brought out his boat and picked us up at San Giovanni where we had been sun bathing and took us cliff jumping!

I am definitely getting over my fear of heights very quickly since I've been here. The cliff was roughly 20-22 feet and seemed higher still when we climbed to the top!

The lake is definitely beautiful but the view of the land from the center of the lake itself is unbelievable!

I cannot wait to see what other crazy things this summer brings!

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