Bellagio according to Amy e Chelsea. Part no.3

terza puntata

Amy Waldron and Chelsea Campbell students Niagara University NY, USA

Part no. 3
Amy Waldron: Armando beach bar and Lido

This past week I had the privilege to go to Armando's, but to the locals it is known as the Beach Bar. This place is a real cool chill place to go get a burger, fries, and a drink. I have gone once at night and once at day. The night life at the Beach Bar is a lot like just going to a bar, but its at the beach. During the day, people will drive up in boats to get food and drink. It is not your traditional kind of beach though, it is a stony beach, but with that said it still is a good time to go and hang out with friends and family and have a causal meal. The service at the beach bar is great too. The staff is very friendly and are always trying to make sure people have a good time. I would recommend this place to people.

Lido di Bellagio is a must do must see for those that are older teenagers, 20 and 30 year olds. I have gone to Lido once every weekend since I have been here in Bellagio. I just love it there. The bartenders are amazing at what they do. Security is tough, and for me I like knowing that security is looking out for everyone's safety. The music is the best part. The music that is played is fun and you can not help but get up and start dancing and having a good time. This past weekend it was Motor Rock Fest. It was awesome. 3 guys were performing tricks on their bikes in front of Lido. They did 2 shows, one at 9 and another at 10:30. The tricks they were doing was simply amazing. I really enjoy watching live motor cross when I can. These guys doing all of these flips on their bikes was just, indescribable. After the show everyone was to head over to Lido to finish off the night with dancing the night away. There was well over 1,000 people there Saturday night. The atmosphere at Lido is just fun, and everyone that goes is bound to have a good time. I would highly recommend Lido if you are looking to go out for a night and have a great time.

That is all from Bellagio this week, but come back to this page next week and I will have more valuable tips, advice, and recommendations on Bellagio, Italy. Ciaoo


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