Bellagio according to Amy e Chelsea. Part no.2


Amy Waldron and Chelsea Campbell students Niagara University NY, USA

Part no. 2 Chelsea Campbell
When breaking down the name Bellagio one can understand that 'bell' is commonly translated to beautiful or good, while 'agio' means comfort. But Bellagio is so much more than simply living comfortably in the beauty of the lake. While I have only been here a mere two weeks, I feel as though I have been blessed with enough memories to last a life time. "Beautiful", "gorgeous", "breath taking" are all words that simply don't touch the surface of life here in Bellagio, Italy.

When I arrived on May 24th, I felt immediately shocked by the change in Italian culture, language, and scenery, which was all so much more than a 20 year old could have fathomed. However, once I reached my working place, where they so graciously made accommodations for me, I suddenly felt right at home. Since then, I have began work, met fantastic people from all ends of the world, accepted (and many times favored) the differences between life in Italy than America, and have been also accepted into the community as a local rather than a tourist! Before coming on this trip I admit I felt in over my head and like I would never survive in another country so far away from home, and now since I have been here, I am absolutely dreading the day I must say goodbye to the lake, the family, and my new friends.
In these two weeks, I have had the opportunity to see the lake and all it's villa's from boat, absorb the history, go on tours of the famous Rockefeller Foundation and Villa Balbianello and met so many great people my age at club Lido and other bars and restaurants around town. Since, I have since planned a kayak tour and will be attending a few Italian concerts and festivals as well as soaking up the warm Italian sun rays on my days off. Without question Bellagio is a paradise and an invigorating town perfect for young adults to experienced travelers!


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