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Bellagio according to Amy & Chelsea. Part 1

Amy Waldron

Amy Waldron and Chelsea Campbell students Niagara University NY, USA

Amy and Chelsea are two students from Niagara University New York. They are in Bellagio for the  "Lake Como Work Abroad Program" that  sends 10 students to Italy to work then a local University Insubria will send 10 of there students to come to NU and take classes with us for a semester. I was very excited when I got the email over a year ago stating that I was one of the 10 lucky girls that will be traveling to Italy to work for the summer.

These two fantastic girls will be with us week after week, to discover Bellagio, through their discoveries, their advice and perspective on young Pearl of Lario.

Puntata n. 1 Amy Waldron

I have fallen in love with little town Bellagio. It is a wonderful city, filled with amazing and interesting people. I have only been in Italy for 11 days and I already feel like a member of the community. Everyone in town is very friendly and nice even though I am American. Since being here I have traveled to Florence, been on many tours of the local Villa's on the lake, and have been to many restaurants. The food at all of the restaurants are amazing, much healthier than American food and in portions that I can actually finish. The Villa's here are beautiful and things that I have never seen. I highly recommend tourists and even the locals to make sure they get to see at least one Villa while they are here.

Here some tips about Bellagio:
1. I highly recommend going to as many villas around the lake and town as possible. The villa's are rich in history and often tell stories about some of the towns' past. They have beautiful gardens and just seeing the villa's is amazing. You can go into some of the villa's too, but not all of them, just because some of them are still privately owned.
2. If you are late teenager, 20s or 30s i would recommend going to Lido Night Club on a Friday or Saturday night. A night at Lido is a ton of fun for young people to go out, dance, and have a drink or 2. The Dj's play great music all night long, the bar tenders are really nice, plus they speak some English for those that speak English. There are 2 dance floors, the main one in the building and there is one outside where the beach is. It is really cool and something that I have personally never seen. During the day though the night club acts like a beach and restaurant for the locals and tourists.
3. I would recommend going to the panoramic restaurants in Bellagio. Some are located on the edge of town in beautiful locations. They are placed perfectly so you can see all 3 lakes, Lake Como, Lake Lecco, and Lake Colcio. The food is fantastic and the atmosphere and over looking the lake was just amazing.

Spero che questi miei suggerimenti possano esservi di aiuto, intanto io continuo a scoprire questo paese che ogni giorno svela una nuova sorpresa! E non mancherò di condividerla con voi!

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