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Bellagio view from you: Marco and his Bellagio for young

bellagio per i giovani: lido beach club
bellagio per i giovani: wakeboard
bellagio per i giovani: canyoning
Bellagio per i giovani
Enoteca di Bellagio

Marco 17 anni studente

My parents after an intense period of work stress load, decide to dedicate a weekendof total relaxation ... a preferred Bellagio.
I do not know the place and trying to avoid two days of absolute boredom beside "my parents", I ask permission to take with us my teammate Giulio.

We arrived late Thursday evening and immediately run away in our room to play with the iPad and surf Facebook (WI-FI free the fortune that comes with the hotel!).
In the morning we wake up and after a nice breakfast, our goal is: to inspect the country! A little 'shopping for my girlfriend and then immediately go to Villa Serbelloni and Villa Melzi with my parents.
After a light lunch Giulio and i we ask some guys in a bar if they have any idea on how to spend the afternoon. The proposals are attractive, we are discovering a new face of Bellagio:
- Rent a boat and spend the afternoon on the lake between diving from the rocks, sea and sun! Very nice idea, but I would have preferred a nice party (in fact I immediately thought back to when I brought it home to my friends for a weekend this summer);
- Experience the thrill of water skiing and wakeboarding.
We opt for the adrenaline rush of wakeboarding ... what fun! We also found that just here to train some of the world champions!
Tired we go back to the hotel and relax before going to dinner with my parents in atypical restaurant, me and Giulio we go out for a drink. It so happens that we meet the boys on the lake that we had recommended the wakeboard and the other between a chat and invite us to make us a drink after dinner in a wine bar in the center. Nothing better than going from one club to others, walking the streets without having to drive. We have fun and a lot of laughter greet us and we exchange good night.
On Saturday we are ready for another fun-filled day ... now we feel like Bellagio at home!
Breakfast at the historic Bar Rossi and then a little 'sleepy we take a tour by boat to visit the countries of the lake and especially Balbianello point where you were shot 007 Casino Royale and Star Wars (Giulio and I go crazy for Darth Vader!)
The afternoon we choose to rent a scooter to test us with the canyoning. I had heard about but I was a little 'scared, be surprised that I found down in the gorge (canyon)dug out of the water with the rope between jumps, dives and slides is a snap, safe andfun!
Because adrenaline at 18.00 we were tired ... relax in the room and again a very good dinner at the hotel. For after-dinner Disco! The boys met the day before we were invited to their table in the Lido beach club, a discotheque, where we danced and met lots of nice people! Obviously Giulio has not denied even to Bellagio and conquered a girl!
After the disco we went to River Side (Armando) for a beer and a cheeseburger.
The next morning after breakfast we left, after a very special weekend of fun, amazedthat a place like Bellagio is not only relaxing and walking, but a paradise for youngs!

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