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Laura 34 years advertiser

I just finished reading my latest book "From diamonds nothing is born" by Serena Dandini, an intense book that tells stories of life and gardens. I never particularly loved the gardening, but those pages I had put a great desire to be in a park to discover the vibrant life.

And 'so that in a weekend of May, I convinced my friend Sara to visit the park of Villa Melzi in Bellagio. We reach the entrance to the villa on foot along the lakeside already colorful.
To visit the villa we chose to book a guide, the fantastic Rita, who was able to lead us into the world of Villa Melzi. In fact, this villa is really special, was built between 1808 and 1812 at the behest of the Duke Francesco Melzi D'Eril Lodi, a close associate of Napoleon Bonaparte.
Even today the villa belongs to the descendants of the family, and is the only one onLake Como to maintain its original function of a summer residence. In fact the propertyis used to spend summer vacation on the lake.

And 'this peculiarity of the villa and its gardens. Even today it can happen to cross the owners, visiting it if it perceives the pulsating life, the love with which it is routinely treated.
Visit the villa not just admiring the beauty of the past, but live it again, almost possession for a while.

As you enter the garden, our focus has been kidnapped by a magnificent performance, the eyes go from park to the lake to the mountains from the north (foothills) south towhere the lake Argegno curve to the left. The park of Villa Melzi is the first example of an English garden on Lake Como. The gardens are taking hold in 800, and their peculiarities are in the fact that the impact of the human hand is minimized in favor of a natural appearance, are not obstacles to the creative vision, there are nofences, gates and the look is left free to explore space, preserving the view.

The trail begins along the lake and the blue stain contrasts with the color of the azaleas, exploding like fireworks in the bushes by the vibrant colors. Our guide explained that we were really lucky, because in the second week of May with the blooming of the azaleas, the park reaches the peak of its beauty.

Continuing our walk we sent in the oriental garden with its Japanese maplesoverlooking the lily pond. I do not I would have gone longer! That was the perfect space for my Yoga! Sara and I walked away from the guide and I closed my eyes much peace and balance in that corner of the Far East!

We continued our walk until you reach the kiosk in the Moorish style blue and whitesign of the family traveled to the east ... as Sara says just a souvenir!
Here, our guide tells us, Melzi Barbò Josephine, wife of Duke Lodovico Melzi, wasused to go to the kiosk for tea and listening to music in front of the statue of Dante and Beatrice the sculptor Giovanni Battista Comolli. The romance of the statue made ​​me dream, it seems almost want to remind us that heaven can be found here. The story is said that this statue has inspired the work of the composer Liszt's Dante Symphony, which he used to walk in these gardens.

After a visit to the museum which houses memorabilia of the Napoleonic period, the Duke Francesco Melzi D'Eril was one of the greatest exponents of the Cisalpine Republic, I run outside to my beloved sun, the smell of grass that meets the unmistakable odor the lake. We walk on, Sara speaks, speaks, speaks and never ceases to ask questions at the helm. I am magically kidnapped from the park and I cannot think of 2 centuries of life in this park, to the care of expert gardening season after season have been able to cure this magnificent vegetation from distant places.

While crossing a man go out, I'm told is one of the owners of the villa, a descendant of Duke Melzi D'Eril ... I must admit that I could not resist and I dreamed of living there, to move in that paradise my summer vacation ... But for the moment we said goodbye to Rita, and I had a nice restaurant for lunch, and we left the Villa behind us.

With the promise that I would be back next April for flowering camellias!

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