Bellagio view from you: a weekend as told by Marta e Giovanni

il week end a bellagio di giovanni e marta
perdersi nei vicoli
alla scoperta del borgo antico
la gita in motoscafo
giovanni e marta scoprono san giovanni

Giovanni e Marta are a brilliant pair from Milan, him doctor 43 years, her 38 architect.

We arrived from Milan in the late afternoon, as dusk was a beautiful day in earlyMarch, the reddish sky presaged two wonderful days with Marta.

We try and find a room in one of the few hotels open, express check-in, let us pack up and go to a bar near the ferry for a drink.

It was cool so we settled down inside, we asked where we could have dinner andshowed us a restaurant on one of the typical steps of the center of Bellagio. What a dinner! Local food, nice atmosphere and friendly people and nice, and after a few glasses of wine we got back to the hotel to spend a few moments of intimacy.

The bells have woken up, a distant chime, a memory of years ago in my little village in Tuscany.
Marta was awake, dressed and ready with the camera to face the fresh morning in this corner of paradise.
We had breakfast at the hotel, we ventured into the streets of Bellagio, a picturesque image every corner: a door scraped from the weather, lots of noisy ducks in the lake, a church, a villa and a thousand other "situations" romantic!

We have adopted in the villages of Bellagio, I scored on a notebook, even if I know I will never forget: Pescallo, a dream, a small fishing village where time has stood still, Villa Giulia, with its avenue you leads to the Como branch Loppia old gondolas, it seems that they want to tell hundreds of years of history.
In the distance the gate of Villa Melzi, unfortunately closed, but no matter we have an excuse to go back to see the blooming of the azaleas in the month of April.

We take a picture on the pier overlooking the bay in front of the village, or rather two, three, twenty, perhaps a hundred photos, each corner of a postcard.
It's late, time passes and you do not notice, we return to the center, grab a bite in the arcades, a good dish and not at all expensive and back to an afternoon on the lake.

We preferred to hire a motorboat, because in this time of year the navigation seemslethargic. Our friendly guide begins to tell us the magic of this lake among the more 'known to the world and so close to Milan, we never visited before today: "Look at The Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni, one of the nicest hotels in the world, The Punta, here is where the lake is divided into three "branches" Como, Lecco and Colico.
That rock is called two pine trees, although it has remained one, in summer the local boys dive for hours with the speedboats of "Milan" who stop to look at their developments.
Pescallo, the lake is even more 'beautiful, up there,' you see the Rockefeller Foundation, is an incredible place, guests from around the world and can only be invited. Lots of famous people was in the Villa: from Kennedy to Henry Kissinger, passing per famous and numerous Nobel Prize winners.

We return to Bellagio, begins to cool, I think Marta has taken thousands of photographs, thank goodness that there are digital cameras that would otherwise costfor development!
Here we are in the room: a nap, a shower and out to eat at a pizza place on a staircase that we saw in the morning, good pizza, friendly waiters.
Now we have two options': just a few hours in bed or in a disco in the lake, but todayno music, is a romantic weekend and we continue with our program ... Maybe next time.

With the memory of an unforgettable day we go to sleep happy. Sunday morning, couldn't believe it, I wake up Marta.
Breakfast, we pay the count, what a nice hotel, quiet and great value for quality' money.
A tour of the shops, some are closed but the greater number is open, it's nice to note that the prices are within the reach of our pockets, we think of Bellagio and there are concerns about cost, but even this was a nice surprise.
Shopkeepers friendly and quality products'. A cafe in Piazza della Chiesa with the friendly owner who tells us of the famous people he knows and the way to the Ghisallo, the last stop before returning to Milan, the church tells of the thousands of samples vitorie cycling, bikes, jerseys .. that .. magic. We note with surprise that there is also a museum, technology and romance!

Marta is happy and wants a promise Let's come back!





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